Glad you were able to find your way to our online home. Our intent is to make this an interactive resource for Canadians who feel called to make disciples and start simple churches. discover more…


A “working faith” is when we live out our faith in life’s daily grind. It is a faith that is lived wherever we might find ourselves. Where do you find yourself most challenged to live out your “faith”? discover more…


Life is a learning experience. Our intent is to provide a context for Canadians or those serving in Canada to learn from each other. Do you like to learn through interactive discussions with others? discover more…


Helping brings joy to both the one helping and the one helped. People helping people is not usually newsworthy but it is God worthy. How can we be intentional about doing good to one another? discover more…


Church is often thought to be a building. Possibly the building falling into disrepair down the road or maybe the massive new auditorium seen from the freeway. What is church to you? discover more…


Jesus often shared seeds of truth in His stories. Stories are shared between people whenever they get together and talk. Do you find your friends share stories? Do their stories contain seeds of truth? discover more…

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Advent: Preparation

Have you ever considered yourself part of a multifaceted story?  Jesus’ story is not only multifaceted it is inclusive. It is exciting to realize we all play a part in God’s continuing tale. It is also daunting to know we are active participants in His story. So, as active participants we get a choice in [...]

Advent: Ordinary Life

As most of us chase our dreams it becomes so easy to lose sight of what is important. It seems we forget how much we’ve been given by God. None of us would do well without family and friends. Our minds and bodies would suffer without food. Our jobs, though often a source of griping [...]

Advent: Hope Candle

On the first Sunday of Advent the purple candle is lit. Traditionally this candle is called the “Prophecy Candle” and is lit in remembrance of the prophets who foretold the birth of the “Christ child”. It is also the candle that represents hope. Hope is a four letter word. It is a word that can either [...]

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