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Five Simple Church Blogs

There are many blogs and websites on the Internet that provide important information or perspective on the world around us. The blogs that I am including below are ones’ I have found useful in my journey to discover what it means to be a member of Jesus’ family. These are not the only blogs in cyberspace that deal with this topic and as time permits I will posting more links to blogs or websites that I think are worth checking out.

Simple Church Journal: Roger Thoman invites people to join him on a journey of discovery. His blog contains unique insights into simple organic ways of being the church.

Cole-Slaw: I have enjoyed Neil Cole’s writings for years and have found his blog very informative.

Simple Church: After Wolfgang Simson some of the first books I read on simple church were from Tony and Felicity Dale. I continue to follow her blog with interest.

Subversive 1: As the name seems to imply Keith often discusses topics that do not necessarily bring agreement but will make you think.

Pursuing Glory: I have followed Travis Kolder on Twitter for a while now. He brings another perspective to simple organic church life.

These are the first five blogs that I want to share with you. There are many more to share as I continue to work on our website. Blessings Rob

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