New Score Card

The World has its’ own scorecard.
– accumulate toys
– buy the biggest house
– get the best job
– climb the ladder of success
– fake it until you make it

The New Testament Scorecard is different.
– make disciples
– love God/love others
– work as if you are working for God
– be kind to one another
– share stories

What would you add or take away from either scorecard?
What would you add to your personal scorecard?
Is  keeping score necessary?

“Jesus answered him, “If anyone loves me, he will keep my word, and my Father will love him, and we will come to him and make our home with him.” John 14:23‬  ‭ESV‬‬

Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies. Mother Teresa
Our greatest fear should not be of failure but of succeeding at things in life that don’t really matter. Francis Chan