Social Media is Ministry

Here’s what it can look like:

1. Pause The Browsing: Effective online ministry is like ministry in any other context. It is about establishing meaningful relationships. We need to be present when online with others.

Our goal is to be observant while browsing. Be mindful that our focus is on what Jesus would do with social media.

2. Initiate Worthwhile Conversations: If you discover opportunities to pause the browsing – what are you going to do with possible interactions? Consider instigating dialogue!

Don’t simply talk at people, but try to craft content that promotes discussion and two-way conversation.

Not sure what this could look like? Be social, ask questions based on common interests and go from there.

3. Exercise Spiritual Practices: Imagine meeting up with a small gathering of friends. Someone needs prayer. The group decides, “we’ve got scheduled prayer Wednesday evenings. We’ll pray for our friend next Wednesday!” and then walk off.

You’d probably be wondering to yourself “what the heck”. Actions speak louder than words.

Why don’t we pray on social media? Why don’t we minister to one another online? It doesn’t cost us anything to be kind.

Let’s reclaim the time spent on social media by praying for and ministering to others. Let’s also encourage our friends to pray and minister to their online friends…Remember: Be Present | Be Social | Be Kind

Let’s discover how to implement ways of ministering to others in a virtual context.

Inspired by How To Use “The Countdown” Social Media Template At Your Church, Brady Shearer, Pro Church Tools