Walls or Well

Ever notice how much fun kids have with an empty box? The walls of the box provide a separation from the real world. Inside the box one can imagine anything. The imaginary world that is created exists within the safe confines of the box. Within this space a child’s imagination can grow. Even cats and [...]

A Different Metric

How is success measured? Too often our world evaluates being accomplished in terms of performance. Society, as a whole, places actors, athletes, professionals, the rich, the famous and the influential all on pedestals. What we consider successful is too often based on cultural norms. However, how we calibrate success is ultimately a personal choice. The [...]

Why Question?

Kids are amazing. They question everything. Why is the sky blue? Where does Grandma live? Who is that person? What does that machine do? When are we going to eat? Frequently there questions catch adults off guard. There are also times adults are not quite sure how to answer without risking being bombarded with a [...]

There’s A Better Way

It surprises me the number of movies being shown at theatres lately that contain positive messages. Unfortunately it seems these messages are going unheeded. Today I had the good fortune to go to one such film with my wife and two of my sons. The movie was “Spies in Disguise”. Probably not a film that [...]