Love your neighbour was a far cry from what many of us grew up knowing and understanding. I am sure some of the conversations that were overheard from family and friends would begin with: “that darn neighbour of ours” or “it must have been the neighbour’s dog again” among a few other choice phrases. Neighbour can be a word used in some very uncomplimentary ways. The way neighbours are treated does not seem to change even with the change in the times.

Getting to know one another is not easily accomplished with the world changing so rapidly. We want this to be a place for those wanting to connect and work together to make a positive difference. This network is particularly geared towards those living and serving in Canada.

Join Our Network of Friends

We are always wanting to connect with people who love making their neighbourhoods and the web an awesome place to be.

A community is like a ship; everyone ought to be prepared to take the helm. (Henrik Ibsen)
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