About Us

Followers of Jesus are passionate about God and His teachings. For Jesus’ family there are many things that hold us back from reaching our full potential in Christ. The main constraint seems to be ourselves. So, our overall goal as Oikos Ministries is to learn from and be obedient to Jesus’ teachings. Our specific purpose is to sow seeds of change in individuals and communities through encouragement, equipping, empowering and engagement in everyday service to God and others. Join Us.


Divine Truth
Nurturing Relationships
Apostolic Missions

What have we done?

Over the years, we have started and restarted a number of simple churches. We have also shared with others across Canada about simple churches, and subsequently seen many similar churches formed in communities across the country. And we continue to maintain and make new connections with similar ministries throughout the country.

Our ministry was involved in developing a national magazine for house churches in Canada, and has also developed a very vibrant online ministry that continues to change and grow with the arrival of new technologies.

What is a Simple Church?

A simple church may meet anywhere with or without trained leaders, formal liturgy, programs, or structures. To facilitate relationships a simple church is usually a small group of no more than 20-25 people. Church “programs” are virtually nonexistent and small group participation is essential. The Process of moving towards small missional groups is a primary focus.

The difference between house church and simple church is usually the fact that the term “house” in house church refers to a specific meeting place, often indicating a more traditional form of church; whereas simple church is intended to be the church 24/7. These terms are, however, often used interchangeably.

Who are we?

Formed in 2001 as Oikos Christian Fellowship, we began our ministry to develop a renewed understanding of the New Testament Church.

Starting in 1995, my family and I were called out to a small mission church on Vancouver Island. Called as the mission pastor, I soon learned that this church was actually a church plant. It was through the experience that we came to realize God wanted His family, the church, to better reflect his original plan and purpose for his people.

After leaving the mission church and returning to Calgary, Alta. in 1998, we discovered that there were others across Canada who felt God’s call to a renewed understanding of New Testament Church. It was through the relationships we developed with Canadians involved in Simple Churches and a thorough study of what it means to be a follower of Jesus that Oikos Christian Fellowship became OIKOS Ministries in 2013.

Where are we headed?

We are developing an online social network for Canadians who want to connect, interact and learn from others who are on similar journeys of discovery. Our plan includes becoming more involved in ministering to our communities, making disciples and multiplying simple churches.

With a focus on Canadians, locally and nationally, who want to learn more about Jesus or grow further in their walks, we are centring on the concentric circles of influence that those involved in this ministry have generated over time.

Join Our Network of Friends

We are always wanting to connect with people who love making their neighbourhoods and the web an awesome place to be.