About Us


Who are we?

Starting in 1995, my family and I were called to a small mission church on Vancouver Island. Called as the mission pastor, I soon learned that this church was actually a church plant. It was through our experiences at this small church plant that my family and I came to realize God wanted His church to better reflect His original plan and purpose.

We left Vancouver Island, BC and returned to Calgary, AB in 1998.  We soon discovered there were others across Canada who felt God’s call to a renewed understanding of New Testament Church. In 2001 we began Oikos Christian Fellowship in Calgary. These gatherings were started with the hope of becoming church as God originally intended. Through the relationships we developed with others involved with numerous models of New Testament Ekklesia (simple, organic, micro, house churches) we had experiences that grew our faith. We continued to study and experiment with what it meant to be a follower of Jesus and a member of His ekklesia. So, in 2013 we renamed Oikos Christian Fellowship OIKOS Ministries to better reflect our God given mission and vision.

What we’ve done?

Over the years we have started and restarted a number of house churches. We have shared with many across North America about house churches, and subsequently seen similar churches formed. We helped develop a Canadian national magazine for house churches (no longer active), discipled disciple makers and ministered online. We continue to grow and work cooperatively with our ever increasing network of friends. Over the years we have connected with numerous disciple makers involved in similar ministries. In summary we continue to follow Jesus, ministering everyday everywhere, utilizing whatever tools are available.

What is House Church?

The term “house church” is often used as an umbrella term covering a multitude of church models that are rooted in the New Testament. It may include such terms as simple, micro, organic, or other types of churches. Oikos Ministries most often uses “gathering” to refer to small groups of believers that meet together as a church usually in someone’s home.

Simple does not mean simplistic. We do not define the quality of ministry by its’ quantity. Often a simple gathering can happen anywhere with or without trained leaders, formal liturgy, programs, or structures. To facilitate healthy interaction and participation a simple gathering usually consists of no more than 20-25 people. Typical church “programs” are virtually nonexistent and small group participation is essential. So, our gatherings are intended to be relational in nature (church 24/7), simple in structure (back to the NT basics) and missional (making disciple makers) in purpose.

Where we’re headed?

God has a plan for us and we are open to His leading. At the moment we are developing an online network specifically for Canadians but open to whoever wants to connect, interact and learn from one another what Jesus intends for His family.

Our plan is to become more involved in ministering to our communities, making disciple makers, multiplying simple gatherings and ministering in the digital world.

Join Our Network of Friends

We are always wanting to connect with people who love making their neighbourhoods and the web an awesome place to be.