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Who am I? My name is Rob. I am a disciple of Jesus, a husband, a father, a brother, an uncle and a friend.

What has been my journey to date? I was raised in a home that was often in turmoil. My mom died from cancer when I was twelve. After this life changing event you can imagine the chaos of my teen years. At nineteen I went overseas traveling in Europe, Africa and finally in Israel. It was a time of self discovery. Often filled with ups and downs.

I came home from Israel different than I had left. There were some experiences that will remain with me forever. I began exploring life with new eyes which eventually led me to finding a church. That is where I came to know and accept Jesus as my Lord and Savior.

God has been good to me. I received a new life and eventually God brought my best friend (my wife Beth) into my life. From these new beginnings God has given me a passion to see people come to know Jesus, grow in their faith and build lasting community with one another.

What do I do? Over the years I have served as a shipper/receiver, deacon, pastor, trailbuilder, church planter, roofer, salesman, chaplain, coach, writer, storyteller, webmaster and milkman. I am presently driving truck and delivering milk products. This allows me the opportunity to support my family and minister within my spheres of influence. My enjoyment comes from spending time serving Jesus and caring for my family. Through all my experiences I have learned that life is all about the journey. The destination is a bonus.

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